Senior Depicts Life’s Layers through Art

"Layers are the different processes and relationships that combine to create a piece of art," said Amanda Acock, an Oklahoma Baptist University senior art major. "They are the collected pieces of knowledge through experience that enable the existence of the work."

The 21-year-old artist from Shawnee, Okla., will showcase her artwork in the on-campus Art Division Gallery May 7-16. OBU is hosting a series of senior art shows throughout the spring semester depicting each artist's favorite pieces in accordance with their chosen theme. Acock chose "Layers" as her theme and as the foundation for her perception of art.

OBU senior Amanda Acock will showcase her artwork in the on-campus gallery May 7-16. The title of her senior art show is "Layers."

"Inspiration for my pieces of art generates from all of the beautiful, organic forms around me, including experiences, relationships, shapes and colors," Acock said. "Art has been a part of me from the beginning."

Acock said she fell in love with art at a young age. She studied art in both middle school and high school, and from there she decided to pursue it at the collegiate level. Creativity is a large part of her life. One of her choice pieces in her show is an oil painting depicting abstract pears, titled "A Pair Among Pears." The painting referenced a still life.

"As the pears died in reality, so did the realistic forms on the canvas," Acock said. "The colors on the canvas experienced a significant shift on the color wheel and abstract forms and relationships began to take place. This is one of my favorite pieces because it created a puzzle for me to solve, and a new freedom in my perception was available. I am attracted to the colors, raw shapes and knowledge I obtained throughout the process of bringing this painting into the world to view."

Following graduation in May, Acock plans to move to Tulsa, Okla., to pursue a facilitator's position at the Tulsa Children's Museum. She also aspires to become a teacher and share the gift of art with students.