Grads Can Come Home Again &  Tuition-Free

The thrill of classroom discussions, late-night study, and challenging writing assignments can be revisited by OBU alumni thanks to a new policy the University enacted June 1. The best part is that these experiences are being offered tuition-free to all OBU graduates.

A new Lifelong Learning Program for OBU graduates provides tuition for undergraduate courses taught at the Shawnee campus. The policy, effective June 1, 2009, allows OBU graduates to audit courses or take them for letter grade credit working toward a second bachelor's degree from the institution. The benefit is available for courses which have available seating at the start of an academic term.

"With our new program, OBU graduates can come back and take classes for professional development or even earn a second bachelor's degree tuition-free," said Bruce Perkins, OBU admissions director. "We tell our students they are becoming part of the OBU family, and this new program is a tangible way for us to demonstrate that lasting relationship."

Graduates will be able to attend classes tuition-free, and will only be responsible for OBU fees, books, and any applicable housing or food service costs.

University graduates can apply for the Lifelong Learning Program online at