OBU Celebrates Anniversary of Wellness Center

Oklahoma Baptist University junior Katelyn Howell (right), from Council Hill, Okla., exercises with other students in OBU's Recreation and Wellness Center (RAWC). OBU celebrated the facility's first anniversary the week of Dec. 1-5.

The facility includes exercise and weight machines, a climbing wall, an indoor walking track, three basketball/volleyball courts, an indoor pool, three racquetball courts, exercise rooms and more. About 400 people use the facility during weekdays. Seventy-eight percent of the users are OBU students; the rest are current and retired OBU employees and their families along with paid community members who have an OBU affiliation.

In its second year, RAWC staff plan to expand the current programs and services, including group fitness classes and fitness training programs, said Amy Riggins, who directs the facility. For more information about the RAWC, call 585-5220.