Senior Explores Self-Expression in Art Show

Oklahoma Baptist University senior Travis Lightsey has a deep respect for the creative side of life. This respect is displayed in his art exhibit titled "Self-Expression."

"Producing artwork is a small window into what I am feeling inside," Lightsey said.

OBU will host a series of senior art shows during the fall semester depicting each artist's favorite pieces in accordance with their chosen theme. The 23-year-old art major from Ardmore, Okla., will showcase his artwork on campus Oct. 24 through Nov. 5, from 7-9 p.m., in the Art Division Gallery.

"I picked this theme because of the extent of personal attachment and expression through my work," Lightsey said.

The work "Hell Butterfly," part one of two, demonstrates the personal attachment he shows in his artwork. He uses art as a tool to describe the experiences he has had in life. Lightsey, like many artists, uses his work to tell the story of his own existence and to express feelings that are sometimes hard to communicate otherwise.

"It really challenged me to create and symbolize the description of what I have gone through in my life," Lightsey said.

Inspired by the work of his father, Lightsey will pursue a career in graphic art after graduation.

"I admire the attention my father gives to detail, as well as his hard work when he paints," Lightsey said.