Competition Draws OBU Students to Intramurals

For some students at Oklahoma Baptist University, intramural sports are a fun way to be active and meet people. Others are in it purely for the competition. Still others participate in intramural sports simply for the free T-shirt champions receive at the end of the season.

"I play intramurals because it's a fun way to stay active and involved with not only my friends but with other people, too," said Cassie Rial, a senior and member of the "Hey Girlfriend" flag football team. "If it wasn't for intramural football, my boyfriend and I probably wouldn't have gotten together. It gave us a chance to hang out a lot and talk and get to know each other."

Though the spring sports have their loyal competitors, OBU's fall intramural sports seem to generate an excited buzz around campus.

"My favorite part of intramurals is everybody going to the fields in the fall and hanging out and talking and getting to know each other better," Rial said.

Approximately 600 students participate in eight sports during the fall: flag football, sand volleyball, tennis singles, putt-putt golf, six-on-six soccer, five-on-five basketball, bowling and racquetball singles. The most popular fall sport, flag football, garners about 500 competitors, which is nearly one-third of the OBU population.

However, football is not the only intramural sport students love. When asked which sport he preferred, junior Cody Oldacre replied, "Definitely basketball. It is a great opportunity to take a break from studying, while at the same time having fun with the rest of the student body."

From the more well-known sports such as football, basketball or sand volleyball to the up-and-coming attractions such as racquetball, bowling and putt-putt, OBU intramurals seeks to provide a sport for all interested students, faculty and staff.

"Intramurals are important for the college-life experience," said Mike Manlapig, assistant to the athletic director and intramural sports director. "Many bonds and life-long friendships are made through associating with the same teams for four years of your life."

Intramural games take place Monday through Thursday evenings at different locations around campus. For more information on the sports, how to play them, and how to sign up, students, faculty and staff can visit the OBU intramural Web page at