OBU Alum Pours Life into Zambia

Sky Chaddick Scott, a 2002 OBU graduate, recently visited her alma mater, telling students about her adventures of the past four years serving God on the mission field in Zambia, Africa. Scott's forum was part of OBU's Global Outreach (GO) Week, an annual missions emphasis.

Scott and her husband, Daniel, are part of a church-planting ministry through Southern Baptists' International Mission Board. The couple primarily ministers among the Lozi people group, who are located in the hills of Zambia. When the Scotts first moved to Africa, they decided to reflect the Lozi culture in every way possible. For example, if the Lozi rode a canoe to work, they did the same. Following the culture, the Scotts also built their own home.

The Scotts teach the Lozis Bible stories and build relationships with them in hopes that they will be able to share the love of Christ with the Lozis.

"Christianity in the region is a mile wide but only an inch deep," Scott said.

She explained that while many people in Zambia want to learn about Jesus, many do not think of Him as their Lord. Instead, the Lozi culture is driven by fear and power. The Lozis visit a witch doctor weekly to ensure curses are not placed upon them by neighbors.

"They will do anything to gain power and not be afraid," Scott said.

The Scotts find ways to be relevant in presenting the Gospel message to the Lozi people in a way they can understand in their own culture. For example, the Scotts use their own personal fears to witness how Jesus can be the one to take away those anxieties.

Scott recalled her OBU years as filled with people investing their lives in her and showing her what it truly means to follow Christ in a meaningful way. She also learned how to leave an impact on the lives of others for an eternity. The Mission Center Ministry on campus was one way Scott got involved and started to live out God's calling on her life in a local manner.

"This ministry pushed me out of my comfort zone and out of the OBU bubble," she said. "It was on those dark streets in inner city Oklahoma City that the Lord began to teach me how to live out His love."

Scott said during her college years she learned some of the lessons she would need as she began to pour her life into the Lozi people in Africa. She said she knows now that God was equipping her for a special future when she was at OBU, and she has served Him faithfully in the wilderness of Africa since graduation.

"We are very blessed as an academic institution to have students, staff, and alum that are currently living out our stated mission of integrating faith and learning and engaging a diverse world, as is represented in the 275-plus alum currently serving with the International Mission Board," said OBU's coordinator for the Avery T. Willis Center for Global Outreach.