Oklahoma Baptist University

OBU Student Interns in Washington, D.C.

Oklahoma Baptist University senior Will Korver did not want to settle for an ordinary summer. Instead, he sought to fill his break with a memorable internship in Washington D.C.

Korver, an English and history double major, made the most of his intership by attending lectures, writing reports and articles, and participating in other activities with the National Journalism Center.

With the journalism center, Korver had the opportunity to attend training each week while completing an internship with a locally based company.

"I had training every Friday," Korver said. "They split us up into different groups, so I did my training with the print group. I got to listen to key note speakers, work at my internship and have discussions with other students."

The National Journalism Center's training sessions gave Korver and other interns an opportunity to discuss their internship experiences as well as debate issues covered in the materials each groups reads.

"It was sort of a round table discussion where we kicked off with the chapter we read, but we are led to discuss and debate other issues as well," Korver said. "Our training presented us with all angles to become a better journalist and more of a well-rounded writer."

"I want to be a novelist so that helped me become a better writer."

When not engaged in training, Korver worked at the Broadband Census Company as a daily news reporter for his internship. Broadband Census provides information about local internet and broadband providers so consumers know where the services are available.

"I attended events and report on them," Korver said. "I also entered data, do research and write reports."

To add to his experience with the National Journalism Center and Broadband Census, Korver had the opportunity to be an honorary member of the National Press Conference throughout the summer.

"I was able to get discounted tickets for special speakers, like when Dick Chaney came and spoke, and other smaller benefits," Korver said.

Korver's internship and experience with the journalism center provided him not only with a memorable summer job, but also with skills he can use as he continues his academic career.