Virtue and Transformation

OBU’s mission statement boldly declares that the University “transforms lives.” So it should be no surprise that the Christian liberal arts institution will host a week-long symposium on transforming virtues this spring.

“Transforming Virtues,” OBU’s first Faith and Learning Symposium, will be hosted on the campus April 21-25, 2008.

Sponsored by OBU’s faith and disciplines committee, the conference will highlight the nature of virtue in general and the virtues necessary for living as educated Christian believers and professionals in the 21st century.

Dr. Glenn Sanders, OBU professor of history and chair of the committee said the symposium will include presentations, lectures and discussions.

Dr. Jay Wood, professor of philosophy at Wheaton College, will be a featured guest speaker. Wood is co-author of the book Intellectual Virtues: An Essay on Regulative Epistemology.

“The symposium will provide a chance to think hard about the virtuous life,” said Sanders. “The opportunity should allow us all to explore the qualities that can make us better people, better scholars and better believers.”

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