Worship Arts On A Strong Foundation

Across Oklahoma and throughout the nation, OBU music graduates have established a reputation for quality, through local church ministry, school music programs, and through national organizations.

Building on a storied history, OBU’s bachelor of musical arts degree program offers a concentration in worship arts.

“Our program combines a long tradition of providing churches with quality music leaders with the contemporary worship concepts which churches need,” said Dr. James Vernon, chair of the division of music.

The worship arts concentration is coordinated by Dr. Lee Hinson, associate professor of church music and coordinator of church music studies. In his third year at OBU, Hinson has worked to craft a concentration where academic requirements of the bachelor of musical arts degree will work well with the worship concentration.

“The BMA degree had room for a minor built into the program,” said Hinson. “The worship arts concentration is an excellent option for the student with interests in two areas of study, such as worship and Bible.”

According to the lifelong church musician, those pursuing the worship arts concentration “immerse” themselves in OBU’s core church music curriculum.

“When you get to know some of the most qualified people in the field of music ministry, many times you find that they went to OBU,” said Hinson. “We are working to ensure that this level of influence continues through some fresh initiatives in the study of worship arts.”

“We want to be certain what we do in the classroom maintains a strong connection to what is happening in the churches,” he said. “Our goal is that OBU’s church music graduates gain a solid musical foundation, coupled with superior people skills, so that they are flexible and effective in these changing days of music ministry.”

“It is another example of how OBU has always attempted to remain relevant in the contemporary world and yet maintain standards of excellence,” said Vernon. “We look forward to being able to send young people into music ministry with as many options as possible.”