Oklahoma Baptist University

OBU Ministry Training Institute Classes Begin

Oklahoma Baptist University is offering courses in Christian studies this spring at 13 centers in Oklahoma and in four other states.

Ministry Training Institute offers courses for college credit that can be applied to degree programs at OBU or other colleges and universities. The courses are available at convenient locations throughout Oklahoma and in Colorado, Indiana, Missouri and Washington.

Through the program, OBU offers a diploma in Christian studies with the completion of 42 hours. Students can earn an associate of arts degree from OBU with the completion of 64 hours, or a bachelor's degree in Christian studies with the completion of 128 hours.

These reduced-cost classes, with a rate of $60 per credit hour, meet once each week and are taught by qualified instructors. Members of OBU’s School of Christian Service faculty prepare materials for the courses.

For more information on MTI courses available locally, contact OBU at 405-878-2230, or visit the OBU website at www.okbu.edu.

Below is a listing of the MTI course offerings, instructors, and starting dates.

ARDMORE: Contact Robert Wilson, 580-223-5761 – The Educational Ministry of the Church, Jim Tye, March 10; Christian Worship, Matthew Weathers, Jan. 14; General Epistles, Robert Wilson, Jan. 14

CLAREMORE: Contact Charles Wyatt, 918-341-3419 – Teaching and Learning in Churches, Charles Wyatt, Jan. 8

DURANT: Contact Terrell Suggs, 580-924-2351 – Life and Literature of Paul, Terrell Suggs, Jan. 29

MIAMI: Contact Fulton Ammonette, 918-542-4736 – History of Christianity – Early to Medieval, Fulton Ammonette, TBA; History of Christianity – Reformation to Modern, Fulton Ammonette, TBA; World Religions, Fulton Ammonette, TBA

MUSKOGEE: Contact Larry Lashley, 918-687-3160 – The Educational Ministry of the Church, Rex Wilkinson, Jan. 29; The General Epistles, Staff, Jan. 31

NORMAN: Contact Preston Collins, 405-321-0864 – Advanced Preaching, Preston Collins, Jan. 31

OKLAHOMA CITY/CAPITAL: Contact Keith Jordan, 405-942-0244 – Introduction to Evangelism, Tim Russell, Jan. 24; Advanced Preaching, Floyd McKee, Jan. 22; New Testament History and Literature, Larry Baker, Jan. 21; Biblical Hermeneutics, Terry Rials, Jan. 22; World Religions, Dennis Boomer, Jan. 24; Contemporary Theology, Dennis Boomer, Jan. 21

OKLAHOMA CITY/NORTH: Contact Paul Purvey, 405-840-5954 – Teaching and Learning in Churches, Carol Fletcher Knight, March 27, Advanced Preaching, Carol Fletcher Knight, Jan. 17; Elementary Greek I, Carol Fletcher Knight, Feb. 19

OKLAHOMA CITY/ST. JOHN’S: Contact Lawrence Kirk, 405-478-3345 – Introduction to Preaching, John Mayshack, Jan. 29; Old Testament History and Literature, Bruce Proctor, Jan. 31; Life of Christ, Kenneth West, Jan. 29

SAPULPA: Contact Mike Shawn, 918-224-4100 – Introduction to Preaching, John McKain, Jan. 29; Teaching and Learning in Churches, Jonathan Reichman, Jan. 29; Christian Worship, Monty McGee, Jan. 27; New Testament History and Literature, Mike Shaw, Jan. 27; Life of Christ, Monte Moran, Jan. 26; Life and Literature of Paul, Paul Warren, Jan. 29

SEMINOLE: Contact Bill Barnett, 405-273-6500 – Life of Christ, Jennifer Barnett, Jan. 21

SHAWNEE: Contact Tim Emmons, 405-567-4977 – Elementary Greek II, Bryan Cook, Jan. 28; Christian Doctrines, Dan Campbell, Jan. 28

WILBURTON: Contact Del Allen, 918-465-9335 – Philosophy of Religion, Del Allen, Jan. 10


COLORADO SPRINGS: Contact Rolland Kenneson, 719-527-5957 – Introduction to Evangelism, Staff, Jan. 24; Foundations of Ministry, Staff, Jan. 22; Life and Literature of Paul, Staff, Jan. 21; Biblical Hermeneutics, Rolland Kenneson, Jan. 21

LONG’S PEAK: Contact Voyt Lynn, 970-667-1313 – New Testament History and Literature, Voyt Lynn, Jan. 24


INDIANAPOLIS: Contact Brenda Martin, 317-626-9484 – Teaching and Learning in Churches, Ron Ross, Jan. 22


NEOSHO – History of Christianity – Early to Medieval, Bob Johnson, Jan. 30


CLARKSTON: Contact Ted Haws, 888-758-6334 – Baptist History and Theology, Ted Haws, Jan. 27