Band Offers Churches New Music Resource

A new chapter is being written in Oklahoma Baptist University’s musical history.

For nearly 70 years, OBU music ensembles have presented a wide array of styles in performances across the nation. The groups have showcased the talents of OBU’s Warren Angell College of Fine Arts and attracted students to the university

David’s Creed, a new ensemble of OBU students, has formed to serve in worship leadership across the region.

Lee Hinson, OBU associate professor of church music and coordinator for church music studies, envisioned the group and helped create the eight-member band.

“The concept of this group has actually been around for quite a while. But everything came together to make it happen this year,” said Hinson, who serves as faculty advisor for the group.

The group’s primary purpose is to strengthen OBU’s ties with churches, said Hinson.

“Our mission is to serve churches, and serve as a music resource for various worship opportunities,” he said.

The initial ensemble configuration consists of a junior, two sophomores, and five freshmen. With the potential of having some four-year band members, Hinson hopes continuity will develop for David’s Creed.

Band members include Micah McCaslin, a freshman musical education major from Oklahoma City, Okla.; Luke Neff, a freshman musical arts major from McPherson, Kan.; Ryan Scivally, a freshman electronic media production major from Grapevine, Texas; Brett Sexton, a freshman worship arts major from Oklahoma City, Okla.; Preston Smith, a freshman music business major from Kingwood, Texas; Brett Spalding, a sophomore church music major from Canyon, Texas; Danielle Tipton, a junior church music major from Norman, Okla; and Taylor Weaver, a sophomore musical arts major from Cassville, Mo. Josh Jantz, a freshman media production major from Cherokee, Okla., is the group’s sound technician.

Hinson said the group’s name is based on Acts 13:22.

“David’s ‘creed’ was that he sought the heart of God and put His will first,” said Hinson. “This is who we want to be when the group goes out to represent OBU and as we serve the churches.”

“With five vocalists and a rhythm section, the group has some of our best student musicians,” said Hinson. “We want to pour our musical excellence into service for worship ministries.”

The band performed at several Oklahoma Baptist churches and at other events and programs during the spring.

“I am so excited to get involved with the community of Shawnee and surrounding cities,” said McCaslin, a vocalist.

“It’s really refreshing to be ‘stuck’ in a room with two handfuls of great musicians and just jam out in worship,” said McCaslin. “During that time we not only work on our songs, formats, and things of that nature, but we take time for personal investments.”

For information regarding David’s Creed, contact Hinson at 405-878-2309 or at