Students, Friends Complete New Testament Marathon

The recent change in the weather did not prevent participants from forging ahead with Oklahoma Baptist University’s New Testament Reading Marathon on April 4-5.

More than 225 readers representing OBU, Oklahoma Baptists and the Shawnee community completed the continuous public reading. The marathon began Wednesday evening, April 4, in the gazebo park adjacent to OBU’s Stubblefield Chapel.

The opening ceremony featured a concert by the Shawnee choral group Sine Nomine and a recitation of the first chapter of Acts by Shawnee resident Curtis Watson. Marlin Hawkins, historical secretary of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, gave an explanation of the historic importance of Stubblefield Chapel.

Readings began with the book of Matthew at 10 p.m. and concluded with Revelation at 7 p.m., Thursday evening.

“One of the most impressive things for me was the fact that our readers dedicated themselves to reading God’s word through one of the coldest nights of the last four weeks,” said Dr. John Nichols, OBU associate professor of mathematics and coordinator of the reading.

Nichols said the temperature was 38 degrees at 6 a.m. Thursday. He said volunteers came from Pottawatomie, Lincoln and Seminole Counties. Portions of scripture were read in other languages including Portuguese, Spanish, German, Thai and Greek.

More than 15 area churches were represented in the reading. OBU alumni and state representatives Shane Jett and Kris Steele also participated in the scripture readings.