More Than Making Money

“I hope students realize that finance is more than making money,” says OBU finance professor Dan Reeder. “I want them to know that managing personal finances is an essential skill for students of all majors.

Dr. Reeder is a favorite among OBU students. The professor of business also is known around campus as the emcee at the annual Christmas Chapel.

Reeder gets to know his students on a personal level and even runs on the treadmill in the wellness room at Agee Residence Center.

“Some highlights from this hobby include getting an appreciation for Brazilian reggae music from the soccer players; realizing how slow I am when the track team comes in; and how short I am when the basketball team is working out,” said Reeder.

Reeder said some of his favorite things about OBU are sharing in the memorable moments, observing the growth that takes place during the college years, and “having the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful time in our students' lives.”

The native of Depew earned his bachelor’s degree and his M.B.A. degree at the University of Tulsa. He completed his Ph.D. degree at Oklahoma State University.

“I have the best job in the world because I get paid to do what I love  teach OBU students.”