Creating Opportunities

For Craig Walker, economics revolve around creating opportunities for individuals.

Dr. Walker is OBU’s Wheeler associate professor of business and the university’s chief economist.

“As an economics professor my role is to help students think about how they can use their skills as Christian businesspersons to create access to markets and opportunities for others,” said Walker.

Walker also serves as the faculty sponsor for OBU’s chapter of Students in Free Enterprise. SIFE works in partnership with business and higher education to develop community outreach programs that involve market economics, success skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business ethics.

“OBU students are busy. They are involved in many activities that make their world a better place for others,” he said. “They know the importance of success in the classroom, but they also know the importance of making a contribution to their community.”

In addition to his work at OBU, Walker is active in Shawnee’s Habitat for Humanity chapter.

“I enjoy the time I spend volunteering with Habitat,” he said. “I enjoy the people I have an opportunity to work with and the difference Habitat makes in people’s lives. Habitat for Humanity creates opportunities for families that are willing to help themselves get out of substandard housing and to become homeowners.”

Walker joined the OBU faculty in 2000, moving from Delta State University. He completed his bachelor’s degree and his M.B.A. at Baylor University. He earned his master’s degree in economics and his Ph.D. at Southern Methodist University.