Humphreys Guides OBU Business Students

“Business is about creating a culture that honors God, and your number one investment is people.”

That was the assertion of Oklahoma City businessman Kent Humphreys as he spoke to Oklahoma Baptist University business students in October.

“Business is not about income, and it’s not about sales. God will give that to you  some of the time. If you remember that being in business is about relationships, you will be successful in whatever you do,” he said to the students during a business forum in OBU’s Bailey Business Center.

Humphreys, president of Christ@Work, emphasized the importance of the relationships a business owner has with employees, customers, vendors and competitors. He said cultivating relationships was one of the key instincts that a student needs to be an entrepreneur.

The forum was hosted by OBU’s Students in Free Enterprise organization.

“I just love to come to a university and meet with students like this so that I can encourage them with what the real world is like,” Humphreys said.

Currently, Humphreys is involved in “marketplace ministries” after owning and operating Jack’s Merchandising and Distribution for 25 years in Oklahoma City. His business served major retailers in 30 states on general merchandise.

He continues active ownership of four businesses in distribution, manufacturing and real estate. Humphreys has spoken around the world and has written two books.