Oklahoma Baptist University

Saturday in the Park August 26

School Kick-Off Will Be Statewide Event

College students and high school seniors from across Oklahoma will gather in Shawnee for a day of fellowship and worship to kick off the school year.

Oklahoma Baptist University will host Saturday in the Park at 4 p.m. Aug. 26, at Shawnee’s Woodlands Park, located on East Highland between Beard and Harrison. The event is free and features performances by local bands and recreational activities such as volleyball, softball and tennis. A cookout meal will be provided.

Author and nationally-known speaker Dave Edwards, a Christian communicator from Oklahoma City, will speak during a 7:30 p.m. worship service. Worship artists Kristian Stanfill and Charlie Hall will perform and lead music. Stanfill is a Passion '06 lead worshipper from Atlanta, Ga. Hall is a Passion and 268 Generation recording artist.

Saturday in the Park began last year with approximately 200 students showing up at the home of Kim Bearden, pastor of Shawnee’s Heritage Baptist Church. This year’s event is taking on a greater scope, as a team of OBU students is coordinating the event.

Saturday in the Park is a student-driven event co-chaired by OBU students Leah Dumey and Britt Vaughn,” said Dale Griffin, OBU campus minister. “It is the dream of the students to see the event encourage a spirit of revival among university students.”

Vaughn emphasized the desire to offer a statewide event for college students who desire to bring “a Christian passion back to their campuses.”

“It is time we disregard campus and denomination and realize we are all seeking the same Lord, and each of us need encouragement from each other,” he said. “I believe God is about to work mightily within the hearts of all college students in the state.”

Vaughn said incoming high school seniors are invited for the purpose of maintaining a strong spiritual emphasis during their last year of high school and preparing them for entering college.

“With tragedy occurring around the world, many are searching for a hope of something better,” he said. “It’s time that the Christians of this world break the silence and proclaim the renown of our Lord Jesus. I believe it can start with college students.”

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