OBU to Host Hospice Teleconference

Oklahoma Baptist University, in collaboration with Shawnee’s Heartland Home Health Care and Hospice in Shawnee, will host a satellite broadcast of the Hospice Foundation of America’s 13th Annual National Bereavement Teleconference. The program will be shown in OBU’s Bailey Business Center on Wednesday, April 5, from 12:30  3 p.m.

HFA&rsquo;s 2006 teleconference is titled &ldquo;Pain Management at the End of Life: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice.&rdquo; It will be moderated by <b>Frank Sesno</b>, professor of public policy and communication at George Mason University and special correspondent with CNN.

The program will examine the gap between knowledge and application of effective pain control in a person with a terminal condition. It will cover laws and regulations that hinder the practice of pain management and examine ways in which health care workers and the general public can work together to improve the common approach to pain management.

The program will include nationally recognized researchers and practitioners currently working in pain management.

Each year the HFA presents the distance learning program, live via satellite, to more than 125,000 people in 2,000 communities. The annual educational program is designed to educate health care professionals and families on issues affecting end-of-life care.

More information about the event is available at www.hospicefoundation.org.