Oklahoma Baptist University

Josh McDowell Speaks at OBU

Josh McDowell

International lecturer and bestselling author Josh McDowell will speak in Chapel at Oklahoma Baptist University on Monday, Nov. 7, at 10 a.m., in the university’s Noble Complex. He comes to the Shawnee, Okla., as part of the Bold Truth Tour, a youth evangelism event that is expected to bring hundreds of young people to OBU’s Raley Chapel, Monday evening at 7 p.m.

“We have the unique opportunity to hear one of America’s best known apologists speak,” said Dale Griffin, OBU campus minister. “Josh continues to be a man of great vision. His clarity of thought is birthed out of decades of sharing the gospel in a diverse world of beliefs and convictions.”

McDowell has written or co-written 77 books on topics ranging from Christian apologetics to common problems facing youth. Several are bestsellers and are recognized as leading books on the Christian faith.

Among his most popular contributions on apologetics are Evidence That Demands A Verdict and More Than A Carpenter. McDowell also has released books covering issues of youth culture and morality, including Why Wait?, Right From Wrong and The Disconnected Generation: Saving Our Youth From Self-Destruction.

On the international scene, McDowell has led close to 7,000 volunteers on bi-annual mission trips to the former Soviet Union, called Operation Carelift. Since 1992, more than 700,000 needy children’s lives have been touched through the ministry’s physical and spiritual support. Mission participants have distributed Christian books and literature and more than 3,036 tons of goods – totaling more than $36 million – to orphanages, hospitals, youth prisons and underprivileged communities throughout Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

“Since we want to engage a diverse world, we will be greatly encouraged and challenged by this man who has spent the bulk of his career finding ways to delve deep into this ever-changing culture, called America, with the gospel truth,” said Griffin.

McDowell will appear with Christian contemporary group Superchic(k) in the Bold Truth Tour event in Raley Chapel’s Potter Auditorium. General admission tickets are $12 if purchased in OBU’s Campus Ministry office or the Student Development office. Tickets at the door are $14.00. For more information, call (405) 878-2377.