OBU School of Business Host Forum with Jeremie Kubicek

An Oklahoma City-based entrepreneur will return to his alma mater this week to share his business insights with Oklahoma Baptist University business students.

<b>Jeremie Kubicek</b>, a 1993 OBU management graduate, will speak on &ldquo;So, You Want to Run Your Own Business?&rdquo; on Friday, Oct. 28, 10 a.m., in OBU&rsquo;s Bailey Business Center.

As co-founder of Giant Partners, a revenue-generating firm, Kubicek is an internationally known speaker and entrepreneur who has been a consultant to numerous organizations.

He was co-founder of a business in Moscow, Russia, which established  in conjuction with OBU  the first private school in Russia  Moscow Economics School. MES is currently the largest private institution in the former Soviet Union. Kubicek&rsquo;s company worked with Fortune 500 firms and other international businesses during Russia&rsquo;s formidable transition years to a new economy.

Kubicek also is co-founder and publisher of <i>Revenue Generators</i>, a business publication that offers insights of business leaders in the marketplace.