First Senior Art Exhibit of the ‘05-‘06 School Year

Christina Buie, an Oklahoma Baptist University art major from Duncan, Okla., will open her senior art exhibit on Thursday, Sept. 29, with a reception from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the OBU Art Building.

“It’s really exciting because this is the very first opening of the semester,” said Buie.

Senior exhibits are designed to prepare students for coordinating art exhibits in the future. The student is responsible for everything that pertains to the exhibit from adjusting the lighting and hanging the pictures to arranging anything that is on the floor.

“We try to create a certain feel when people come into the room,” said Buie. “Everything is strategically placed.”

The exhibit will feature a variety of mediums including photography, oils, acrylics, charcoal, and pen drawings. Buie created the art pieces both in class and during her free time. She believes that they express the college experience in general as well as her experience in life.

“I’m not focused on one particular genre,” said Buie. “It really represents my personality. People should not focus on one subject but try to broaden their horizons.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing her show and seeing some of the work she did in Santa Fe this summer,” said Steven Hicks, OBU professor of art and Buie’s advisor for the exhibit.

Earlier this year, Buie spent a week in Santa Fe, N.M., observing art exhibits and taking pictures of landscape and culture.

Refreshments will be provided at the Sept. 29 reception. The OBU art gallery is located in the Art Building at the northwest corner of Kickapoo and Midland Streets. For information on hours of operation, call 878-2345.