Oklahoma Baptist University

The Unique minors of the School of Nursing

What is Parish Nursing? How about Missionary Nursing?

These are two of the minors that OBU nursing students have the opportunity to include in their program.

Parish nursing finds its roots in the Christian tradition, viewing the care and healing of people as an expression of one's faith. At OBU, the parish nursing minor is designed for students with a vision for nursing in a local church setting, including the practice of faith in the healing process.

In addition to the full load of nursing courses, parish nursing minors should be prepared to take classes in social problems, aging and death, Christian doctrines, and an advanced Bible class, as well as a three-hour practicum in parish nursing.

The missionary nursing minor, designed for students considering nursing as a mission field profession, prepares students to impact the world for Christ, using the profession of nurse as a vehicle.

Students taking up the missionary nursing minor should expect to take introduction to evangelism, survey of cross-cultural ministry, Southern Baptist cross-cultural ministry, Baptist history and theology, an advanced Bible class, and practicums in research and supervised field experience.

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