Oklahoma Baptist University

The Call to Missions

Jon & Megan Brewster
Missionaries in Peru

It may be a summer, a semester, a journeyman experience or a career. It could be a camp, a church, a team or a traditional outpost.

Every year, OBU is a launching pad for such students.

In 2004, OBU commissioned 204 students to work in the mission field in venues such as Falls Creek and Kanakuk, in states from Hawaii to Maine, and on six continents. Among those were five entering the Journeyman program (two-year missions), giving OBU more than 80 such missionaries since 1998. Twenty-five of those are serving in restricted areas of the world.

OBU has always been committed to preparing men and women to minister globally. "What happens is, these experiences have a direct effect on their perspective of the world," says OBU Campus Minister Dale Griffin. "It opens their minds to the possibility of mission."

And for many of them, that summer, semester or two year experience only whets the appetite for more as the students find out what happens to God's obedient.

Last summer alone, 54 students got involved in international mission work in Africa, Australia, Bahamas, Beliz, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Central Asia, China, England, Haiti, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, New Guinea, Northern Ireland, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, SE Asia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and the Ukraine. Others are at work in 29 states and Washington, D.C.

"I feel OBU is here for Kingdom impact," says Dale. "Serving during the college years is an important part of preparing to be on the mission field. It's irreplaceable."