Oklahoma Baptist University

Go International

Oklahoma Baptist University strives to prepare students to make an impact around the world, but few areas at OBU pinpoint the international thrust like the Paul Dickinson School of Business.

Through its international business area of concentration, the OBU school of business prepares students to make impacts in the international community through business.

And the world is ready.

"International business is the fastest growing sector in the US economy and the area with the greatest demand for high quality training and experience," says John Cragin, Cargill professor of business at OBU. "Fully 75 percent of all growth in US GDP (gross domestic product) in the last 20 years is attributable to international business."

The OBU approach is both practical and Biblical, John says.

"Most schools teach business from a purely secular point of view, arguing in practice that God has nothing useful to say about business, or has restricted His comments to ethics," Cragin said. "For those interested in knowing the fundamental advantages that come from understanding and applying Biblical perspectives, purposes, and practices, OBU is the place to go."

OBU also is dedicated to producing business men and women who will succeed in their profession and that includes practical experiences in real world business.

"The Paul Dickinson School of Business emphasizes the practical, professional skills," says John. "We include theory only where it is useful for getting the job done. Our emphasis is on building a student's resume, not just his academic transcript. Part of this emphasis is the international business internship."

Internships have taken place in other countries, as well as in domestic offices that have international dealings.

"We have had interns in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America in over a dozen countries," John says. "This is not a 'study abroad' program, but an opportunity to get serious business experience that gives you a competitive edge."

Students also are required to take more foreign language courses in addition to a core of business courses and several hours of class work specific to international business.