Campus Closed/Classes Cancelled

OBU is closed and classes are cancelled today, March 4, due to inclement weather.

Happening Upon the “Comanche Buffalo Prophet”

“and because their native beliefs run deep, most have a reverence for spiritual things. They have a particular way of thinking about self and earth as the same that points to their long-standing acceptance of theism.”

“I would not trade my days at OBU for anything. I thought I knew a lot back then, but I didn’t know much. I don’t know much now. However, I have learned that faith is about not knowing but nonetheless choosing. And I chose Jesus. I wouldn’t say that any of this is ‘glorifying’ God,” Wes says as he surveys the paintings, “but the outgrowth of my enjoyment and impacting the people I meet  both artists and patrons  has made this work rewarding.”

Wes and his wife have three dogs and a home that reflects the brilliance of Native American art throughout its rooms.