Keas Completes Scholar Program

Dr. Michael Newton Keas, Oklahoma Baptist Univeristy associate professor of natural science, completed the second year of a three-year scholar-teacher program, The John Templeton Seminars on Science and Christianity at Oxford University, in August.

Keas was one of 31 participants selected from 116 applicants.

The 31 participants were chosen as outstanding scholars in the areas of theology and religion, history of science, the sciences and philosophy.

The program aims to support integration of faith and learning in both professional publications and classroom instruction.

During the seminars, Keas delivered two lectures entitled: "A History of Ideas about the Cambrian Explosion," and "Biology's Big Bang: The Cambrian Explosion."

He also was a panelist for "The Rhetoric of Science and Religion," and "The Intelligent Design Movement" discussions.

Keas' Oxford research project is funded by the Sir John Templeton Foundation and the Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture, of which he was recently made a senior fellow.

The Templeton-Oxford seminar directors are Alister McGrath, Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, a biologist and Reformation historian, and John Roche, a physicist and historian of science at Oxford University. The seminar steering committee is composed of scholars in a variety of disciplines from both the United States and the United Kingdom.