OBU Offers Marriage Preparation Class

Already a state leader in preparing students for careers in marriage and family therapy, Oklahoma Baptist University is also turning its attention to helping students prepare for marriage itself through an on-line course.

Preparing for Relational Effectiveness in Marriage, a two-hour-credit course, may be taken for elective credit by OBU students, or by students at other universities who want to transfer credit to their universities. A non-academic version of the course is also open to individuals not seeking academic credit.

OBU offers the course over a nine-week period so that the material will be better retained, as opposed to four-session programs that are the norm for couples engaged to be married.

"The course is consistent with the Oklahoma Marriage Covenant in that it approaches marriage as a covenant intended by God to be a lifelong relationship between a man and a woman," said Dr. Oscar Jeske, OBU’s Barbie professor of psychology and teacher of the on-line course.

"I see marriage as a covenant and not as a contract. A contract is only binding as long as both parties agree to keep it," he said. "A covenant cannot be broken."

The course will cover topics including developing and preserving intimacy, mature love, effective communication, conflict resolution, restoring broken relationships, parenting, and making a marriage "divorce proof."

Students in the class are required to have plans for marriage and while attendance is not required for both people in the relationship, the non-enrolled partner must be willing to participate with his or her future spouse.

The class includes three timed examinations and one paper, which Jeske describes as "less a term paper and more a statement" of what the student expects in the marriage and their spouse."

The on-line course also features password-protected e-forums and e-chat for students to discuss the course.

Those interested may register for the course in person or request information through the OBU Academic Center, Oklahoma Baptist University, OBU Box 61173, 500 W. University, Shawnee, OK 74804.

Telephone inquiries should be directed to the academic center at 405-878-2023. Further information also may be obtained by sending an e-mail to peggy_askins@mail.okbu.edu.

For more course information online, click here.