Among The Nation’s Best

"We’re #67!"

That may sound like an unusual thing to celebrate, but for a team of students from OBU, it was a strong showing in a recent national competition.

The six-person team placed among the nation’s best in Capstone Simulation, an online business simulation project that included undergrad teams from 1,300 business schools.

The simulation involved an array of aspects of running a company. Students worked together to make decisions about their company, primarily from a financial perspective.

OBU’s team consisted of senior business majors Taylor Prince, Erin Zahrt, Emily Reiser, Julie Jantz, Jamie Wright, and Michelle Prenzlow.

Reiser, who also happens to be an OBU cheerleader, said the experience not only garnered recognition in a national setting. It also was an educational experience.

“During the simulation our team had to draw upon knowledge we have gained thus far in our business classes,” said the finance major from Pryor, Okla. “It helped us understand the value of teamwork.”

The simulation project included students from nationally recognized business schools at institutions including the University of Pennsylvania, Baylor University, Penn State University and Florida State University.

Something To Consider: Being 67th out of 1,300 compares favorably to the more familar top-25 rankings in major college sports when you consider that there are 119 schools in the NCAA FBS. That means the top 21 percent are in the top 25. A #67 ranking puts OBU in the top 5.2 percent nationally for the Capstone Simulation.