OBU Named One of “America’s Best Value Colleges”

For the second consecutive year, Oklahoma Baptist University is listed as one of the nation's “best value” undergraduate institutions by The Princeton Review. The New York-based education services company includes OBU in its 2008 edition of “America’s Best Value Colleges.” The guide, which went on sale April 24, profiles 165 colleges chosen for “excellent academics, generous financial aid packages and relatively low costs of attendance.” OBU is one of 75 private institutions to make the annual honor roll. It joins the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University as the only institutions in the state to make the list. In its narrative profile on OBU, The Princeton Review’s editors cited the university’s overall academic program: “At Oklahoma Baptist University, all undergraduates complete a broad-based liberal-arts core curriculum en route to preparing for careers in business, education, health services, ministry, and the sciences.” The editors noted OBU’s “teaching focuses on the interrelation of these disciplines, helping students place what they’ve learned in context.” In the “Bang For Your Buck” section of OBU’s profile, the guide notes that each year “OBU administers a little over $300,000 in institutional need-based aid and over $6 million in institutional merit-based aid .... These funds, in combination with federal loans, allow OBU to reduce the cost of attending for 90 percent of its student body.” The Princeton Review selected the schools for the book based on data it obtained from administrators at more than 650 colleges during the 2005-06 academic year, and its surveys of students attending the schools. “We considered over 30 factors to identify our ‘best value’ colleges,” said Robert Franek, vice president for publishing with The Princeton Review. “They covered four areas: academics, tuition GPA (the sticker price minus average amount students receive in scholarships and grants), financial aid (how well colleges meet students’ financial need), and student borrowing.” “The 90 public and 75 private colleges we chose for this edition offer a terrific education, plus they have impressive records of meeting students’ needs for financial aid,” said Franek. “We highly recommend them as America’s best college education deals for 2007.” The Princeton Review’s list of its 165 “best value” schools is available online at www.PrincetonReview.com. The education services company is known for its test-prep courses, books, and college and graduate school admissions services. It is not a magazine and it is not affiliated with Princeton University or ETS.