Oklahoma Baptist University

OBU Circulation Policies for the Curriculum Library

Borrowing Privileges

Materials may be borrowed by individuals who present a valid OBU I.D.

Loan Periods

(Note: These periods differ from those of the Main Library)
  • Undergraduate students: 3 weeks
  • Faculty: 1 semester

Reserve Collection: Loan periods vary depending on type of materials and request of faculty placing items on reserve:
  • 2-hour, restricted to library use only

Renewal Policy

Library resources may be renewed, providing they are not recalled, "lost", or reserve items.

Material Check out Limits

  • Undergraduate students: 10 items at a time.
  • Faculty: no limits, but please avoid taking a full section of resources. It prohibits the students creating lesson plans for other classes.

Where to return items

Resources should be returned to the Mabee Learning Center circulation desk or preferably, the curriculum library.

Fine & Billing Policies

  • Fines are 15 cents per day for each overdue item.
  • Reserve: $1 per hour for items that have 2-hour loans.
  • Unreturned materials:

If an item is not returned by the end of the semester, the patron is billed for the replacement of each item, plus a $20 non-refundable processing fee per item.

Note: When a lost item(s) is returned after billing, you are credited only for the replacement cost of the item(s). The processing fee is non-refundable. All library users are charged for lost or damaged books checked out on their IDs.


Oklahoma Baptist University Curriculum Library exists to serve and support the educational research and discovery of the faculty, staff and students of OBU


The Curriculum Librarian and staff believe that library discovery is personal and should be met with a spirit of resourcefulness, helpfulness, thoughtfulness and integrity.


Physical Space To provide friendly, comfortable learning environments that supports individual contemplation, group collaboration, and social discourse.

Information Resources To provide information resources that support the needs of pre-service teachers.


  1. To provide excellent services.
  2. To anticipate the needs of our patrons.
  3. To provide high-quality instruction, consultation services, and delivery services.


To provide appropriate resources, materials and learning environment for pre-service teachers to learn their craft.

Method of Selection

Selection of educational resources rests primarily with the Curriculum Librarian and Liaison.

Librarians examine reviews in professional, literary, specialized, and general periodicals and established and authoritative lists of recommended titles in subject areas. Librarians should consult and work with specialists and other knowledgeable people in a field to develop specific parts of the collection.

The curriculum library encourages its' constituency to request both specific resources and information on specific subjects.

General Selection Criteria

Selection of print and non-print materials will be made on the basis of at least five of the following factors:
1. Readability of material
2. Recognized scholarship and peer value
3. Cost of material
4. Suitability to a defined pedagogy
5. Interdisciplinary value of the material
6. Durability
7. Appropriateness and effectiveness of the medium or format to the content
8. Ability of the Library to make the resource available to its expected customer audience when they need it and in a way they find acceptable.
9. Availability of the information through other agencies or sites

Multiple copies

Due to lack of space and usage, the library will not purchase multiple copies of new titles.
Desk Copies from Publishers
Mabee Learning Center does not obtain or provide desk copies of classroom materials (text books, etc.) for faculty.
  1. Requests for desk copies should be mailed, faxed, emailed or phoned directly to the publisher.
  2. Requests should include author, title, edition, course name and number, academic department, and the name of the University.
  3. Many publishers have toll free numbers that may be used for this purpose.


Decisions will be based on current budgetary abilities and future usefulness of the periodical.


Audiovisual materials will be purchased with the consultation of the Media Center director, faculty and liaison. Audiovisual materials have special criteria. They should be of the highest quality in production, clarity, and sound as well as educationally relevant.
Lost Materials
Lost materials will be replaced based on the following decisions.
1. The book must have been checked out 5 times in the last 3 years.
2. Cost
3. Availability
4. The lost materials have been paid for by the patron.

Gift Books

Gifts will be accepted on the basis of potential usefulness to the existing collection.

Statement on Interlibrary cooperation

Mabee Learning Center has two avenues for sharing resources.
1. Interlibrary Loan.
2. Since no library can offer all relevant and pertinent information for all topics, MLC also encourages student participation in the OK Share program. Visiting other libraries broadens knowledge and gives our patrons the freedom to read widely. All borrowing and lending is handled confidentially.