International students join together in practicing an OBU tradition during Welcome Week.

In order to be prepared for your transition to life in the USA and OBU we have an International Orientation each semester for international students and US citizens coming to OBU from abroad.

When to Arrive

You are required to arrive the Wednesday before classes begin (the day before the start date on your I-20) for International Orientation. We will be happy to pick you up from the airport. Just fill out the airport pick up form and make sure to wear the OBU T-Shirt we're sending you when you arrive.

My American Parents

Once you arrive in Shawnee you will be taken to stay with a local family. This family will host you in their home during the orientation. It is a great experience to meet local families and make life-long relationships!

What you will learn

During Orientation you will receive information about the university and American culture. You will also receive help to open a bank account and purchase a cell phone. You will get to build great relationships with new students from all over the world and be welcomed to the campus personally by our President.

Move in Day

Your “American Parents” will drive you to campus after International Orientation on our move in day where you will meet all of the new students for the entire university.