Self Service Banner Outage

In order to facilitate the closing of our fiscal year, Self-Service Banner will be unavailable this Sunday, May 31, from noon until midnight. If you need to make enrollment changes or payments over the weekend, please make plans to complete these prior to noon on Sunday. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and appreciate your patience.

Division of Language and Literature Mission Statement

The Division of Language and Literature aims to:

  • assist students in developing skills in critical thinking and informative, analytical and creative written communication
  • to introduce students to significant works of literature reflecting the history of Western culture and non-Western culture
  • to assist students in analyzing the nature and diversity of human expressions of culture; to assist students in developing an appreciation for the aesthetic, ethical and legal imperatives associated with written communication
  • to assist students in understanding the nature and structure of language
  • and to assist students in integrating Christian faith and knowledge.