Payment Plans

Undergraduate students may pay semester charges for tuition, fees, room and board in installments of three, four or five payments. There is a $50-per-semester origination fee for this service.

Five-Payment Plan Schedule

Payment Fall Spring
First July 1 December 1
Second August 1 January 1
Third September 1 February 1
Fourth October 1 March 1
Fifth November 1 April 1

Four-Payment Plan Schedule

Payment Fall Spring
First August 1 January 1
Second September 1 February 1
Third October 1 March 1
Fourth November 1 April 1

Three-Payment Plan Schedule

Payment Fall Spring
First September 1 February 1
Second October 1 March 1
Third November 1 April 1

Once you receive your OBU statement, simply subtract the Memo Balance from the Total Due. Add the $50 payment plan origination fee and divide by the appropriate number of payments (three, four or five). Send your payments by the deadlines indicated above.

Please note: Any balance not paid in full by September 1 in Fall or February 1 in Spring will automatically be placed on a three-payment plan and a $50 payment plan origination fee will be charged. In addition, a late fee of $30 will be charged for each month an account is not paid by the monthly due date.

Follow the link for OBU's 2014-2015 costs.