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Dr. Robbie Henson

Lawrence C. and Marion V. Harris Chair of Nursing
Associate Dean of Nursing


Dr. Robbie Henson has clinical experience in a wide range of specialties including medical-surgical nursing, intensive care nursing, and postpartum and labor and delivery nursing. In 1996, she received both the Oklahoma Nurse Educator of the Year award from the Oklahoma Nurses’ Association and the Promising Teacher Award from OBU. Dr. Henson has received recognition as a Certified Nurse Educator. Her primary research focus is on the nurses' role in facilitating self and family care through mutual goal setting. She has also completed research related to retention of nurses in the acute care setting. Dr. Henson has published articles on such subjects as “Introducing new technology: Confusion or order?”, "The concept of mutuality," and “Consumerism & Quality Management.” Dr. Henson teaches both in the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. She was director Elissa Weaver's Honor Thesis in 2009. She practices professionally in the health care agencies in the Shawnee area. She is an active member at First Baptist Church and is currently a member of the Committee on Committees.


B.S.N., Oklahoma Baptist University
M.S.N., University of Texas-Arlington
Ph.D., University of Colorado

Dissertation: “A Grounded Theory Study of Nurse/Client Mutuality in Health Care Planning”


Certified Nurse Educator, National League of Nursing

Courses Taught

  • NURS 3011: Assessment
  • NURS 3156: Pathophysiology and nursing care of acutely ill clients
  • NURS 4143: Complex nursing care
  • NURS 4242: Complex Care Clinical
  • NURS 4601: Senior Seminar
  • NURS 5033: Philosophical Foundations of Nursing
  • NURS 5123: Curriculum Development in Nursing Education
  • NURS 5981: Capstone Seminar
  • NURS 5984: Transition to Advanced Nursing Role Seminar
  • NURS 5994: Theory, Research and Advanced Practice Project

Selected Publications

Henson, R. H. (1997). Analysis of the concept of mutuality. Image: Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 29(1).

Henson, R. H., Schmele, J. A. & Robinson, W. (1995). Consumerism & quality management. In J. A. Schmele, Ed. Quality Management in Nursing and Health Care. Delmar Publishers.

McClellan, M. A., Henson, R. H. & Schmele, J. A. (1994). Introducing new technology: Confusion or order? Nursing Management, 25(7), 38-41.

Robinson, W., Henson, R.H. & Schmele, J. (1994). Training Guide for SIMP-H Data Collection. Unpublished manuscript. University of Oklahoma. College of Nursing, Oklahoma City, OK.

MacRoberts, M., Schmele, J. A. & Henson, R.H. (1993). An analysis of job morale factors of community health nurses who report a low turnover rate: The research. Journal of Nursing Administration, 23(6), 22-28.

Helmich, Robbie. (1989). A repeat study of employee opinions for use in recruitment and retention of registered nurses. Unpublished manuscript. Tarrant County Hospital District, Fort Worth, Texas.