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Dr. Kaylene Barbe

Professor of Communication Studies


Dr. Kaylene Barbe has been teaching all levels of Applied Communication classes since joining the OBU faculty in 1990. Drawing on her lifelong interest in international travel, Dr. Barbe has taken on the position of Director of International Studies where she encourages faculty and students to pursue and participate in programs of study overseas. Dr. Barbe’s research interests are in political language, rhetorical criticism, and communication and conflict. In her spare time, Dr. Barbe participates in various leisure activities including reading, watching movies, ceramics and spending time with her family including her 16-year old nephew. She has an interest in and love of animals and volunteers extensively at Harvest Farms Therapeutic Riding Center. Dr. Barbe is a member of University Baptist Church where she volunteers for Family Promise and serves as a deacon and on the Activities Committee.


B.A., Baylor University

M.A., University of Oklahoma

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Dissertation: "Metaphorically speaking: The metaphor as a frame of political action during the 1988 Democratic and Republican national party conventions."

Courses Taught

  • CMAR 1092 Introduction to Speech Communication
  • CMAR 2503 Information Gathering and Research
  • APCM 2283 Public Speaking
  • APCM 2303 Group Discussion and Leadership
  • APCM 3323 Persuasion
  • APCM 3453 Communication and Conflict
  • APCM 3703 Intercultural Communication
  • APCM 4303 Rhetorical Criticism
  • APCM 4353 Political Communication

Selected Publications

(October 2006). Remembering the Alamo! Heroes and mere mortals: A narrative comparison o f John Wayne’s 1960 Alamo and John Lee Hancock’s 2004 Alamo. Paper presented at the 2006 annual meeting of the Popular Culture Association of the South/American Studies Association of the South, Savannah, Georgia.

(April 2006). Winning one more for the Gipper: Ronald Reagan’s funeral as his parting narrative. Paper presented at the 2006 annual meeting of The Southern State Communication Association, Dallas, Texas.

( November 2004). A pentadic criticism of President Bush’s responses to Islam post-9/11. Paper presented at the 2004 annual meeting of The National Communication Association, Chicago, Illinois.