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Dr. John Powell

Professor of History


Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Courses Taught

HIST 2003: Introduction to History

HIST 2013: European Civilization: History

HIST 2023: Western Civilization: History

HIST 3123: East Asia: Politics and Culture

HIST 3463: Modern Europe, 1815-Present

HIST 3513: Britain from 1603

Selected Publications

Fellow, Royal Historical Society

Editorial Board, Journal of Liberal History

"Our Conversations Always Were Serious," Nineteenth-Century Prose 39/1-2 (Spring/Fall 2012): 527-40.

Editor. "Religion and Prose," a special number of Nineteenth-Century Prose 39/1-2 (Spring/Fall 2012).

"Gladstone and the Colonial Church Clause: An Episode in Church-State Relations, 1849-1850," in Tradition and Formation: Claiming an Inheritance: Essays in Honour of Peter C. Erb, ed. Michel Desjardins and Harold Remus (Kitchener, Ont: Pandora Press, 2008): 153-172.

"This Ball of Liberty," Books & Culture, (Jan./Feb. 2008): 36-38.

"Eric Clapton: Suspectible to Truth," in First Things, On the Square, 7 Jan. 2008: online