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Dr. J. Tony Litherland

Professor of Political Science


Dr. Tony Litherland was born and raised in Illinois. He served in the USAF from 1976 through 1982. Dr. Litherland was selected as a Carl Albert Congressional Fellow in 1984. He earned a Master's in Public Administration in 1986. He is a life member of both the Oklahoma Political Science Association (OPSA) and the Midwest Association of Latin American Scholars (MALAS). He received the OPSA Teacher of the Year Award in 2003. He has been past Democratic county chairman for Pottawatomie County and currently serves at the precinct level in Lincoln county. He has participated in more than 16 mission projects both within the community of Shawnee, across the US and overseas. He has traveled to more than 34 countries. He and his wife, Dr. Lucrecia Litherland, professor of language at OBU, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in 2011. They have four children, Eric, Heidi, Raquel and Kelly, and two grandchildren, Jordan and Edan. The Litherland family won third place in the US Open Sandcastle competition in Imperial Beach, California in 2010. He enjoys chess, table games, racquetball, travel, music, and horses.


A.S., Olney Central College

B.A., Eastern Illinois University

M.P.A., University of Oklahoma

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Dissertation: "International Influence on the U.S. Congress: The Case of El Salvador"

Courses Taught

POLI 1223: American National Government
POLI 1013: Introduction to Political Science
POLI 2371: Congressional Simulation
POLI 2381: Judicial Simulation
POLI 2391: Oklahoma Inter-collegiate Legislature
POLI 3303: U.S. Presidency
POLI 3353: Public Opinion and Public Policy
POLI 3403: Courts and Judicial Process
POLI 4403: Congress and Legislative Process
POLI 4753: Latin American Politics
POLI 4823: Politics and the Media
POLI 3433: Campaigns and Elections


Attended all of the 14 Carl Albert Lecture series 1983 through 2009

Discussant at the 30th Anniversary of the Carl Albert Fellows at OU October 2009.

APSA Fellow 1987-1988 in Washington DC.

Selected Publications

Presented short paper on Congressional Travel at the Nov 2010 OPSA

“Preparing Students for the Twenty-Second Century.” Extensions summer 2010

“Public Policy, Immigration, and Latina/o Politics.” Joint Panel Discussant with Dr. Lucrecia Litherland. WPSA. Vancouver, BC. March 2009.

"Assessing Dual Language Policy: A Case Study" published in Oklahoma Politics , vol. 15. Co-authored with Dr. Lucrecia Litherland, November 2006.

“Assessing Dual Language Policy and Its Political Fallout.” Co-Presenter with Dr. Lucrecia Litherland. WPSA. Albuquerque, NM. March 2006.

“A Snapshot View of a Dual Language Program in Two Oklahoma City Elementary Schools.” Co-Presenter with Dr. Lucrecia Litherland. TESOL. Puerto Rico. Nov. 2002.

"Analysis of the Linguistic Ideological Debate and the Benefits of a Dual Language Program" presented at Puerto Rico TESOL conference. Co-authored with Dr. M. Lucrecia Litherland. November 2001.

“Latinos’ Linguistic Rights: Where do we go from here?” Co-Presenter with Dr. Lucrecia Litherland. MALAS. Mexico. Nov. 2000.