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Dr. Dan Reeder

Albert J.Geiger Professor of Finance


In addition to teaching finance courses and hosting the annual Fine Arts Christmas Chapel, Dr. Dan Reeder has presented papers and speeches on “Modern Portfolio Theory,” “Financial Institutions and Markets,” and “The Wealth Impact of Private Placement of Debt” among others. In 1995, he received OBU’s Promising Teacher Award. Other awards include the Indian Fellowship Award from the United States Department of Education and OBU Faculty Chairman. Dr. Reeder is a deacon at University Baptist Church in Shawnee; he teaches Sunday School at Colonial Estates Nursing Home. He is also a member of Sine Nomine Singers Community Choir. His wife, Stacy, is a professor of mathematics education at the University of Oklahoma. They have three children, Dane, Raye, and Meg.


B.S., University of Tulsa

M.B.A., University of Tulsa

Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Courses Taught

FIN 3403: Introduction To Finance

FIN 3453: Investments

FIN 4053: International Finance

FIN 4103: Portfolio Management

FIN 4453: Managerial Finance

FIN 2403: Consumer Economics/Personal Finance

Selected Publications

"Modern Portfolio Theory". Baptist Foundation Board of Trustees, 1996

"Financial Institutions and Markets". Oklahoma Council for Economic Development, 1994

"Financial Intermediaries and Investing". Oklahoma Council for Economic Development, 1993

"The Wealth Impact of Private Placements of Debt". Oklahoma State University Graduate Symposium, 1992

Sponsor of the Templeton Investment Society (TIS) (1996 - Present)