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Dr. Bill Buchanan

Associate Professor of Church Recreation


Dr. Buchanan has taught at OBU for the past 21 years.He is known abroad for his ability to facilitate biblical learning and participate in God’s truths through gaming and recreation.He has written games for organizations such as Team Kids and TM412.Dr. Buchanan has also provided camp recreation services in 21 states over the past 19 years.He has produced the video series: Recreation with a Purpose, Vol. 1, 2, & 3, Splash, Vol. 4, and Noodle Mania, Vol. 5.Dr. Buchanan travels across the United States with his program, Kids Celebration.Kids Celebration is a live 30-60 minute interactive family event that combines group interaction, music, and exciting games.


B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University

M.S., North Texas State University

D.Ed.Min., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Courses Taught

KINE 1101: First Aid/CPR (online course)

KINE 4183: Organization and Administration of Recreation and Fitness Programs

LEIS 1013: Introduction to Sports Ministry

LEIS 1483: Foundations of Leisure Service Management (online course)

LEIS 1622: Commercial Recreation and Sports

LEIS 2352: Survey of Outdoor Recreation

LEIS 2253: Backpacking and Camping

LEIS 2903: Camp Administration

LEIS 3152: Promotion of Exercise, Health and Recreation Programs

LEIS 3242: Leadership in Leisure Service Management

LEIS 3403: Outdoor Recreation

LEIS 3503: Managing Sporting Events

LEIS 4052: Research in Recreation and Leisure Studies

LEIS 4403: Planning/Designing Kinesiology and Leisure Service Facilities

Supervisor for Internships and Practicum Students