Oklahoma Baptist University

Council Task Force Proposal

a. Chair, Chair Elect and Secretary are nominated and elected by the faculty as a whole. This will be done via secure online voting prior to the election of other Council members. All Council officers will be Senior Faculty.

b. Each college elects its own representative(s). College Representatives will be nominated and elected by full time faculty only. The Deans will not be a part of the Faculty Council College Representative nomination or election process.

c. Each College has one representative. Additional representatives will be elected according to a 1:12 ratio. The next additional Council member would be added when the College reaches an additional 12 faculty members. The ratios will be as follows:

i. 1-12 faculty members, 1 Council member
ii. 24 faculty members, 2 Council members
iii. 36 faculty members, 3 Council members
iv. 48 faculty members, 4 Council members

d. Two additional members will be elected at large after the officers and other members are elected.

e. Structure (including size) and function of the Faculty

Council should be reviewed every 5 years by the elected Faculty Council.

f. After each step of the Faculty Council election process, the newly elected members will be published as a part of the next election phase so that all voting faculty are aware of the unfolding Council representation.