Oklahoma Baptist University

Welcome Week 2013 Schedule

Saturday, August 17, 2013

9:00am Residence Halls Open


  • Stop by the TENT in front of Raley Chapel to pick up your Welcome Week T-Shirt and Bison Hill Guide
  • Buy your books (downstairs GC – make sure you have your fall class schedule with you)
  • Get your ID (GC 209)
  • Get your mail key (downstairs GC – have your OBU ID or driver’s license with you)
  • Get your parking sticker (Cashier’s Window in Thurmond Hall)
  • Get hooked up to the OBU network (see Computer Services Staff in your residence hall lobby)

3:00pm New Student Orientation (Raley Chapel) / New Parent Orientation (Noble Complex)

4:00pm Small Group Session (Raley Lawn)

4:30pm Sub-Group Session

4:30pm President’s Reception for Parents (Raley Chapel East Lawn)

  • Hosted by President and Mrs. Whitlock

5:00pm Goodbye to Mom and Dad (East side of Raley Chapel)

5:15pm Stake your State Picnic (Geiger Center)

6:30pm Sub-Group & Small Group Sessions - What to Do at OBU

7:15pm Residence Hall Meetings

  • The WMU Residence Director will meet with WMU residents on the front steps of WMU
  • The Kerr Residence Director will meet with new students living in Kerr in the Kerr lobby
  • The Agee Residence Director will meet with new male students in the 1st Floor Agee TV Lounge

8:00pm First Night

  • Women meet on the Oval (in the event of rain, all women meet in the Kerr Lobby)
  • Men meet on the Agee Lawn (in the event of rain, all men meet in the RaWC)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

8:00am Breakfast (GC Cafeteria)

9:15am Small Group Meeting

9:30am Bible Study (GC 218-220)

10:30am Worship (Raley Chapel)

11:30am Lunch (GC Cafeteria)

12:45pm Sub-Group Session

1:00pm Exploring The Idea of a Christian College - Session One

2:00pm Small Group Book Study Discussion

2:30pm Sub-Group Meeting

3:00pm New Student Simulation: Graze on Oval Here

4:30pm Transfer-mation - FOR TRANSFERS ONLY (Geiger Center)

5:30pm See Shawnee

7:00pm President's Vision (GC Concourse)

8:30pm Tri-W Skits (GC Concourse)

Monday, August 19, 2013

7:15am Breakfast (GC Cafeteria)

8:00am “Serve Shawnee” Service Project (meet in Raley Chapel)

12:00pm Lunch (GC Cafeteria)

1:00pm Sub and Small Group Session (Academic Success)

1:30pm Academic Meetings

New students will meet with their deans and academic advisors, view schedules and finalize registration.

2:30pm Free Time / Meet with Academic Advisor

3:00pm Sub-Group Meeting

3:30pm Exploring The Idea of a Christian College - Session Two

4:30pm Small Group Book Study Discussion

5:30pm Faculty/New Student Dinner

8:00pm Sub-Group Session (Ka-Rip Wars)

8:30pm Meet at Oval Fountain for Practice Walk

9:00pm Unity Gathering (GC Concourse)

9:30pm Small Group Session

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7:15am Breakfast (GC Cafeteria)

11:30am Lunch (GC Cafeteria)

12:30pm Sub-Group Session (Get Fit at OBU)

1:00pm Exploring The Idea of a Christian College - Session Three

2:30pm Un Cuerpo (the RaWC)

  • Come play at the RAWC and discover the myriad of ways in which you can glorify and worship God through activities, organizations and events at OBU
  • Sports teams, performance groups, social clubs, ministries, Student Government, the arts, service opportunities and MORE will be represented

4:30pm Dinner w/ Tri-W Group

7:15pm Meet at the Oval for the Walk ( Don’t forget to wear your Welcome Week Shirt & Beanie )

7:30pm The Walk

8.30pm Party provided by the Student Government Association

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10:00am Chapel, Fall Challenge (Raley Chapel)

6:00pm Chapel, Fall Challenge (Raley Chapel)

Thursday, August 22, 2013 (first day of classes)

7:00pm Spotlight on Shawnee: Live on Bell Street (downtown Shawnee)

  • Shuttles will depart on the half hour beginning at 6:30pm from the Oval for those needing a ride

Friday, August 23, 2013

10:00am Chapel (Raley Chapel)

9:00pm UCS Coffee Shop (Raley Chapel)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

8:00pm Live, Saturday Night @ OBU (Raley Chapel)