Oklahoma Baptist University

Fire Reports

This fire report was developed from information reported by students and University personnel. It represents the most accurate information available for the Oklahoma Baptist University campus.

Fire Alarm Statistics

Date IncidentLocationCause
01/16/13 Fire AlarmAgee Residence Centeraerosol spray
02/09/13 Fire AlarmWood Science Buildingfaulty sensor
02/11/13 Fire AlarmNoble Complexfog machine
02/17/13 Fire AlarmAgee Residence Centerfire alarm pulled/no fire
04/11/13 Fire AlarmKerr Residence Centerburned food/no fire
05/02/13 Fire AlarmGeiger Centerfire alarm pulled/no fire
07/01/13 Fire AlarmAgee Residence Centerfireworks/no fire
07/19/13 Fire AlarmWMUfaulty sensor
08/01/13 Fire AlarmVillage Apts. Bldg. 110cause by const./no fire
08/12/13 Fire AlarmKerr Residence Centercause by const./no fire
08/19/13 Fire AlarmAgee Residence Centerburned food
08/20/13 Fire AlarmRAWCfaculty sensor
08/25/13 Fire AlarmWMUClothes steamer/no fire
08/25/13 Fire AlarmW. University Apts. Bldg. #5burned food
08/27/13 Fire AlarmGeiger Centerfaulty pull station
08/29/13 Fire AlarmAgee Residence Centerfaulty pull station
09/09/13 Fire AlarmW. University Apts. Bldg. #1burned food
09/11/13 Fire AlarmAgee Residence Centerburned food
10/11/13 Fire AlarmGeiger Centerfaulty pull station
11/07/13 Fire AlarmKerr Residence Centerhair dryer
11/23/13 Fire AlarmGeiger Centerfaulty pull station
12/07/13 Fire AlarmAgee Residence Centerfaulty sensor

Fire Statistics

Number of Fires Location
0Agee Residence Center
0Taylor Residence Center
0Kerr Residence Center
0West University Apts.
0Howard Residence Center
0Howard Apts.
0Burns Apts.
0Cobbs Apts.
0MacArthur Apts.
0Midland Apts.
0Devereaux East Apts.
0Devereaux West Apts.
0Village Apts. Building 108
0Village Apts. Building 110
0Residences 1-43