Oklahoma Baptist University

The Residential Life Handbook

Table of Contents


1) Introduction

a) Welcome

b) Residential Life Mission Statement

2) Moving In & Out, & Everything In Between

c) Moving In

d) Moving Out

e) Keys

f) Holiday Housing

g) Decorating Rooms

h) Residential Living

i) Communication

j) Room Changes

3) Living on Campus

a) Conduct While On/Off Campus

b) Elevators

c) Exterior Doors

d) Fire Exits/Drills

e) Housekeeping

f) Laundry Rooms

g) Light Bulbs

h) Lobby Phones

i) Maintenance

j) Night Security Guards

k) Parking Restrictions

l) Personal Safety

m) Quiet Hours/24-Hour Quiet Hours

n) RA Desk

o) Residence Hall Activities

p) Residence Directors (RDs)

q) Resident Assistants (RAs)

r) Room Inspections

s) Signing In/Out During the Night

t) Signing Out Overnight

u) Study Rooms

v) Toilet Paper

w) Vacuums

x) VCRs

y) Vending Machines

z) Work Orders

aa) Balconies

4) Residential Life Policies

a) Alcoholic Beverages

b) Baby-sitting

c) Card Access

d) Cinder Blocks

e) Computer Access in Dorm Rooms

f) Computer Labs

g) Cooking

h) Crosswalk

i) Visiting Hours

j) Electrical Appliances

k) Furniture

l) Grilling

m) Guests

n) Halogen Lamps

o) Lock Outs

p) Painting

q) Posters

r) Rule Violations (RVs)

s) Search and Seizure

t) Sick List

u) Smoking

v) Solicitation/Sales

w) Storage

x) Visitors of the Opposite Sex

y) Window Screens

5) Emergency Procedures

a) Fire Alarms

b) Penalty for Setting False Alarms

c) Tornado Precautions

d) Emergency Room Visits

e) Health Insurance Information

f) Theft

g) Emergency Numbers

6) Telephones and Audix

a) Welcome to Audix!

b) The Activity Menu

c) Basic Commands

d) Secondary Commands

e) Special Features

f) OBU Telephone System

g) Dialing On Campus

h) Dialing Off Campus

i) Long Distance Calls

j) Audix

k) Lobby Phones

l) Phone Books

m) OBU Operator

7) Housing Assignments

a) Steps for housing assignments

b) Apartment Information

c) Dorm Information

d) Housing Sign Up Schedule

e) New Student Assignments

f) Living Off Campus

g) Procedures for Obtaining Permission to Live Off Campus

8) Applying to be an RA

a) Qualifications

b) Application

c) Selection

9) Residential Life Staff Directory

a) RD Contact Information

10) Residential Life Related Charges

a) Housing Charges

b) Meal Plan Charges

c) Private Room Charges

d) Damages Charges & Fines

11) Snow Day Schedule/Important Campus Numbers