Oklahoma Baptist University

The Residential Life Handbook

6) Telephones and Audix

a) Welcome to Audix!

Audix is a voice messaging system that enables you to create, store, send and receive spoken messages. We recommend that you perform the following activities the first time you use Audix:
1. Log-in:
  • Dial into AUDIX (ext. 6004) and listen for the voice prompt. Please enter your extension followed by the # sign (There is no need to enter your own extension if you are dialing from your own telephone.)
  • Enter the initial default password "1" followed by the # sign. You should now be logged into Audix. If the default password has not been changed to "1" and you are unable to access your Audix, please contact your RA or RD for assistance.
2. Change your password:
We strongly advise you to change your password as soon as possible and to change it often. Also, it is advisable that you keep the password confidential between you and your roommate(s).
  • Enter 5
  • Enter 4, listen to the voice prompt.
  • Enter a number 1 to 9 digits long as your personal password, followed by the # key.
3. Create your own greeting:
  • Enter 3
  • Enter 1, listen to the voice prompt
  • Record your greeting
  • Enter 1 to end your recording
  • Press 2 (3 if you want to listen to your greeting before approving it)
  • Enter * # key to approve your recording. Listen to the voice prompt.

b) The Activity Menu

press "1" to record messages: record, edit, address, schedule, file
press "2" to get incoming messages: listen, reply, redirect, save, delete
press "3" to greet callers: record greeting, change, activate
press "4" to check outgoing messages/file cabinet: review, modify, resend
press "5" to change password: modify password & to generate and maintain lists: create mailing lists, scan, modify
press "6" to administer outcalling: turn on/off, change #, specify time

c) Basic Commands

*A Addressing *B Backup *D Delete
*H Help *L Listen/List **N Directory
*R Re-start **R Re-login *T Transfer
*W Wait **X Exit *O Operator

d) Secondary Commands

Use While Listening
0 Replay message

9 Increase speed
2,3 Replay header
8 Decrease speed
4 Increase volume
5 Rewind
7 Decrease volume
6 Advance incr

Use While Sending
2,3 Replay message

# Approve message
*# Approve task


e) Special Features

Abbreviated Dialing List 1 *1

List 2 *2
List 3 *3
Automatic Callback Activation *4

Deactivation #4
Call Forwarding Activation *5

Deactivation #5
Call Hold (single line) #3
Call Park: Activation #1

Answer back: 5 plus ext.
Last Number Dialed *9

In order to change your name as it is announced when message is left, simply dial x 6004, press 5, listen for end of list and follow directions provided.

f) OBU Telephone System

Phone lines are provided in each room of the residence halls for students use. University owned telephones are available upon request for those who do not bring personal phones.

g) Dialing On Campus

In order to place a phone call to another on-campus phone from your on-campus phone, simply dial the last four digits of the phone number (also known as the extension).

h) Dialing Off Campus

In order to place a phone call to an off-campus local number from your on-campus phone, simply dial "9" followed by the number you wish to reach.

i) Long Distance Calls

There are two options available for placing off-campus phone calls:
  • Calling cards: dial "9" & follow the directions on the card
  • 1-800/888 numbers: dial 9, then the 1-800/888 you wish to reach

j) Audix

If you have forgotten or need to change your audix password, notify your RA or RD. They will then contact the appropriate personnel to have your password changed.

k) Lobby Phones

Each residence hall provides phone(s) in the lobby for you to make quick calls to people in the residence hall or off-campus. You should not call the lobby phone for any reason as it is not answered by the staff.

l) Phone Books

Each room in a residence hall will be provided with a Shawnee phone book within the first semester. Oklahoma City Yellow Pages and White Pages can be located at the RA desk for your use. Please be courteous to the RAs on duty and look up phone numbers for yourself.

m) OBU Operator

By dialing "0" you can reach the on-campus operator at OBU 7 a.m.-11 p.m., Monday through Friday. In order to reach the operator from off campus, dial 405.275.2850.