Oklahoma Baptist University

Teams will consist of 8 players. 4 males/4 females. A team may play with at least 6 players and at least 3 of them being females. Games will be two 20 minute halves of continuous clock. A score will be counted as 1 point when a team successfully catches the frisbee in the air in the endzone. A turnover is taken at the position the frisbee is picked up from the the ground. You must give the offense an arm lengths distance to throw the frisbee. Once engaged by the defense, the offense must throw the disc within 5 seconds of a verbal countdown otherwise it is declared a turnover. You may take 1 and a half steps on offense to get rid of the disc. In the event of tie, a 5 minute overtime will be allowed and the first team to score wins. If no winner is achieved a tie will be declared. In playoff situation play will continue until a winner is determined.