Oklahoma Baptist University

Softball Rules

ASA Softball rules will be in effect with the exception of the following ground rules.

Any clarifications will be made by the supervisor on duty. When the ball goes out of play, a runner will be given the base going to plus one. If the ball goes over the fence (i.e. a throw to first base).A team pitches to there own team, a batter only gets three pitches.A foul ball on the third pitch will be a strikeout. All games will be limited to 6 innings or fifty minutes - no new inning start after 50 minutes. Make sure to request the game starting time. There will be a 15 run mercy rule in effect at the end of 3 complete innings and a 12 run mercy rule after 4 complete innings, and a 10 run mercy rule after 5 complete innings each team can score a maxium of 7 runs per inning(exception;last inning is unlimited). If a runner was safe and the base slides away, the runner cannot be tagged out. If a runner approaches a base that has been moved due to a previous play, that runner does not need to go out of his/her way to find the base. Runners only need to go into the area where the base would have been. This is a judgment call and cannot be appealed.If extra innings are required to break a tie. One inning will be played like normal and any following inning will begin with the last person out from the previous inning starting on 2nd base.This will continue for 2 innings and then the game will be a tie if the score has not determined a winner. If weather causes stoppage of a game and 4 complete innings have been played that game will be considered complete. Anything less than 4 complete innings will be played over from the start.

Men’s and Women’s League

Teams must use ten (10) players in the field. Team must have at least eight players to start. When a team plays with less than ten players, an out will be recorded with the open batter's turn at bat . (Note: can add tenth player at anytime).Batting can be handled one of two ways,but must remain the same once the game begins. You can bat all players on the roster or bat 10,or 11(EH) and use the substitute system. If using the substitute system a player that is substituted for has one re-entry for the same batting order per game. All rosters are final after the first week of play. You must finish with the same amount as you start with otherwise an out will be given for missing players. No females will be allowed to play on men's league team and no men on a women's team.

Homerun Rule: The first player that hits a ball over the fence fair for a homerun is the only player the rest of the game that is allowed to hit a ball over the fence for a homerun. If no fence is used boundaries will be determined at the beginning of the game by the umpire. Ruling. Any other player on his or her team that hits a ball over the fence is a out.

Co-Rec Rules

Each team will consist of 10 players, 5 men and 5 women in the field. Batting order will be guy/girl or visa versa. In the event there are only 3 or 4 women present, all 5 men can play in the field, but an out will be taken for each missing female player. You must have at least 8 players to play. You can always have more girls than guys. You will pitch to your own team rotating balls between hitters. All other rules are the same as the other leagues.