Oklahoma Baptist University

Matches will be two out of three games

A game will consist of 6 players 3men/3women.(You can always play with more women than men in corec sports) You may start a match with a minimum of 4 players,two of which must be women.Teams need to be wearing same colored shirts or player pennies will be provided.

Games will start with 6 balls in play and placed on the center court line. The first 5 minutes of the game will start with the center line as a boundary that can not be crossed. The next 5 minutes the boundaries will be advanced to the next green line.The last 5 minutes will open the boundaries to the opposing free throw line. All players must stay inside the basketball court lines,unless retrieving a ball that has gone out of the court.

A player is out if hit by an opponents throw or if your throw is caught in the air by the oppsing team. If a ball is deflected by the defensive teams ball and then caught by the defense, the offensive player is out. If a member of the defense tries to catch a deflected ball and is unsuccesful and the ball touches them without being caught that player is considered to have been hit and is out. If a player leaves the basketball court area trying to avoid a hit,that players is deemed out(Leaving the court means that both feet are outside the lines). If a player is hit while trying to retrieve a ball, that player is out. Returning to the field of play after retrieving a ball outside of the boundaries must occur as fast as possible. A referee has the discretion to determine if slow play is being attempted and in that case that player is out.

All players who are knocked out must sit on the bench in the order they were knocked out and may return to play when a member of their team catches an opponents throw. There will be a ONE TIME whole team redemption which will occur when a player hits the backboard of the opposing teams side. This can only be done once and at anytime during the match. Whether the throw is intentional or not,if the backboard is hit, it will be treated as a REDEMPTION throw and all players will return to play.

If at the end of the third 5 minute section of the game there are players alive on both sides, the team with the most players alive will win that game. In the event of a tie,there will be a 2 minute extension with the next player on the bench coming in to play. The first team with a number advantage wins the game.