Oklahoma Baptist University

Policies and Procedures

Article I Name

The organization shall be known as The McDowell Family Intramural Sports Program, RAWC, Oklahoma Baptist University.
Director: David Gardner, 405-585-5227
Article II Program Objectives
It shall be the objective of Intramural Sports Program at Oklahoma Baptist University:
  1. Provide a program of sports and recreational activities that will afford each individual an opportunity to enjoy a wholesome leisure time at the University and in the future time.
  2. To foster a spirit of fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship among participants and spectators.
  3. To aid in the improvement and maintenance of individual health and physical fitness by providing a program for participation in satisfying sports activities.
  4. To promote the education objectives of the University by providing educational experiences through physical activity, social involvement, and competition for the individual.
Article III Program Administration
The Director of Intramural Sports shall formulate policies, establish basic organization, supervise the operation of the program, prepare the budget, select activities, provide facilities, and equipment, promote the program, decide all disputes, render judgments, and impose penalties for the violation of intramural rules and regulations. The Intramural Assistants and Student Officials shall aid the Director in the administration of the program.
Article IV Individual Eligibility
Section 1: The Intramural Department does not assume the initial responsibility for checking upon eligibility of students. The Intramural's Sports Office will not investigate the eligibility of participants unless a question is raised by means of a protest. However, should instances of eligibility violations come to the attention of the staff in the course of administering the program, an investigation will be conducted, a ruling made, and the involved parties informed. The Intramural Sports staff reserves the right to make a ruling in eligibility cases not covered in the rules.
Section 2: All undergraduate students, graduate students, seminary students, faculty-staff, and administrative personnel in the University are eligible to enjoy all intramural's privileges and shall retain that status until they fail to comply with the eligibility rules as stated elsewhere. To be eligibility a student must be attempting a minimum of three semester hours of resident course work.
Correspondence courses are not considered resident school work. Students enrolled under audit regulations are not eligible. All Intramural participation is subject to appropriate administration approval.
Section 3: Team representatives are responsible for the members entered on each team. A student is not eligible to participate for any team unless his/her name appears on the roster for that team. Any substitutions to be made on the original roster must be made before the first scheduled game for team competition. No substitutions will be made after these dates unless otherwise noted at captains meeting. The only exception to this rule is in case of injury, that player is taken off all intramural rosters. Rosters must be turned into the Intramural Sports Office by the posted entry deadline for a team to be eligible for competition.
Section 4: An Individual shall not be listed on more than one roster during an activity season in the Men’s and Women’s Leagues. An individual may participate on a men’s team or women’s team and also in the Co-recreational participation.
Section 5: Students participating in intramural sports activities should carry their student I.D. cards with them for proof of eligibility. Identification is mandatory in team sport competition.
Section 6 : A team shall forfeit any contest in which it uses an ineligible player, and the player will remain ineligible for further competition in that activity for that season.
Section 7: Should a player use an assumed name or be guilty of fraudulent act he/she shall be disqualified for a period of one year from the date of the act. In addition his/her organization or team may be disqualified in that sport.
Section 8: An individual shall not be eligible to participate in the sport or related activity in which he/she has become a professional. A professional is defined as an individual who in ineligible to compete in an intercollegiate sport as defined by the NCAA rulings or has been paid to play.
Section 9: The following regulations shall govern eligibility of lettermen, members of squads, and past participants in intercollegiate athletics.
  A. Candidates for varsity intercollegiate athletic squads and red shirt players are not eligible for participation in sports in which they are actively practicing or if they have completed the season as a member of a varsity squad in the sport during the current school year.
  B. Any student who has been dropped from a varsity squad is eligible for intramural competition in that sport the following year pro viding he/she meets all other eligibility requirements.

Article V Team Captains

Each team participating in an intramural sport must elect or point a team captain. This individual selected must be a person who, accepting the responsibility carries it through with fidelity and loyalty to his/her organization. The team captains are the connecting link between the team and the Intramural Sports of the team captain must accompany all team entry blanks. A summary of the team captains’ responsibilities are as follows:
  1. Be familiar with the playing rules and the eligibility regulations governing intramural activities.
  2. Check the team and individual records of the organizations. These may be found on the Intramural Bulletin Board.
  3. Be responsible for entering teams and individuals in the desired activities before the specified entry deadline.
  4. Notify team members regarding the place, time, and date of scheduled or re-scheduled contests.
  5. Notify team members of playing rules and the eligibility regulations governing intramural activities.
  6. Provide the official scorer with the first and last names of the participants in each game. Notify the scorer of any changeor substitutions immediately.
  7. Provide an official scorer to represent the organization in each team sport contest.
  8. Maintain a high standard of sportsmanship for the organization.
  9. Represent the organization in any protest, disputes, or scheduled hearings.

Article VI Competition Entries
All entries, team individual, must be made Online before the scheduled deadline for the activity. This entry must be made by submitting an Official Intramural Entry Form, which gives complete and accurate information on the team roster and the participants, to the Intramural Sports Office. Entry forms are online.
Article VII Game Rules
Whenever possible, intramural contests will conform to all NCAA or NAIA rules; however, certain health and welfare of the participants and to conform to available facilities for play at the Universities.
Article VIII Postponements
Section 1: In the case of inclement weather or wet grounds that affect outdoor activities, each team or individual is responsible for checking the Intramural Webpage or Facebook site. Postponements may not occur until the scheduled time for a contest.
Section 2: Schedules are subject to change due to varsity competition and other school related activities in accordance with the policies of Oklahoma Baptist University. This does not include social organizations such as social clubs, BSU, etc.
Article IX Forfeits
Section 1: Any team or individual that fails to be ready for a contest at the scheduled time (including said grace period) will forfeit to the opponent. If both teams or individuals fail to be ready, both will be charged with forfeit. To obtain a contest victory be forfeit, a minimum line-up must be present and ready to play. The Intramural Supervisor reserves the right to officially delay the scheduled starting time of contest.
Section 2: Forfeited contests will not be rescheduled.
Section 3: All games with ineligible players will be forfeited.
Section 4: After a team forfeits two contests in a sport or if any team should voluntarily drop out of its scheduled competition, its remaining contests will be automatically forfeited.
Section 5: If two teams postpone a scheduled contest without sanction of the Intramural Sports Office, both teams shall be charged with a forfeit.
Section 6: All $20 team deposits will be available for pick up by the captain after the last game of the season of said sport barring no forfeits were made by said team. Captains have 30 days from last game to pick up deposit, otherwise the deposit will be considered a donation to the Intramural program.
Article X
Section 1: Official protests are those based upon the question of ineligibility of players or interpretation of the rules.
Section 2: Under no circumstances will an official’s judgment be grounds for protest.
Section 3: All protests involving interpretation of rules must be made on the field of play, first to the game official and then to the Intramural Supervisor of the games. The protest will be ruled on at that time by the officials and supervisor. This protest is to be made at the time of occurrence and not after the contest is completed. No consideration will be given to a protest involving interpretation of rules that has not followed this procedure.
Section 4: A protest involving eligibility need not be made during the game, but must be submitted to the Intramural Sports Office within one week after the contest question.
Section 5: In case of disagreement between contestants in individual and dual sport matches, a rematch may be scheduled with an official assigned by the Intramural Sports Staff. The rematch will begin at the point of disagreement in the contest.
Section 6: The game referee and the Intramural Supervisor reserve the right to render decisions concerning any points not specifically covered in the contest rules.
Article XI Officiating
Intramural officials are paid. Any student wishing to officiate games should apply in the Intramural Director’s Office prior to the season in which the sport begins. A brief training session is held before each new team sport. In competition in the individual sports-tennis, racquetball, putt-putt, wallyball, bowling-the contestants are responsible for the officiating of their own matches.
Article XII Misconduct
Section 1: Any flagrant misconduct by an individual, team or supporting group, to take advantage of the rules, mistreatment of officials, or severe unsportsmanlike conduct WILL, which the decision of the Director of Intramural Sports, eliminate that team from any further competition in that particular sport or for the remainder of the year.
Section 2: Any player ejected form a contest or placed on report by the appointed official shall be suspended for one game or contest immediately following said ejection. Any player ejected from two contests will be “indefinitely suspended” and must appear before the Director of Intramural Sports before being re-instated while being placed on probation for the remainder of the semester.
Section 3: Any player ejected from a contest while on probation will be suspended for the remainder of the school year.
Section 4: Any player found guilty of conduct unbecoming to a college student while participating in intramural activities, shall be suspended from participating with his team, or any other team, for a period to be determined by the Director of Intramural Sports. All suspensions will be reported to the Associate Director of Student Life.
Section 5: The Intramural Sports Department shall strongly enforce University regulations regarding misconduct in the case of possession, consumption, or furnishing of alcohol or other drugs on University property during intramural contents. Failure of an individual to adhere to the regulations shall be grounds for immediate suspension from the Intramural Program and be subject or review by the Director of Intramural Sports fro further action. If the individual is participating as a team member in a contest, the team shall accept the responsibility and shall be subject to misconduct action by the Intramural Sports Department.
Section 6: Any facilities used by the Intramural Department will be considered University property for all cases of misconduct.
Article XIII Health
Section 1: Participation in the Intramural Sports Health Program is completely voluntary. Each individual participating in the program assumes the risk for any injuries during organized games or practice sessions.

ion 2: It is recommended that each individual secure a physical examination prior to participation in the program.