Oklahoma Baptist University

The Green Book Table of Contents

1) Introduction

a) About OBU

b) Purpose Statement

c) Administrative Officers

d) Academic Officers

e) Residence Directors

f) Student Development Policies

2) Administration and Student Services

a) Administrative Services

i) Student Education Records

ii) Challenges to the Education Record

iii) Exceptions to the Policy

b) Chapel-Assembly

i) Graduation Requirement

ii) Attendance Requirements

iii) Hardships

iv) Attendance Procedures

c) General Academic Information

i) Absence from Class/Illness

ii) Examinations

iii) Faculty Advisor Program

iv) Mabee Learning Center

v) Student Tutoring Program

vi) Tape Recorders in the Classroom

vii) Grade Appeals

d) General Information

i) Advertisements and Announcements

ii) Alumni Association

iii) Financial Services

iv) Bookstore

v) Calendar

vi) Campus Employment

vii) Campus Security Hours

viii) Check Cashing

ix) Campus Security Report

x) Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act Disclosures

xi) Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act Disclosures

xii) Employee Relations

xiii) Lost and Found

xiv) Mail

xv) Personal Property

xvi) Sales/Solicitations

xvii) Laura E. Scales Cafeteria

xviii) Publications Board

xix) Student Publications

xx) Student Grievances

xxi) University Directory

xxii) Campus Bike Policy

xxiii) College Citizenship

(1) Academic Dishonesty
(2) Alcoholic Beverages / Drugs
(3) Breach of Peace
(4) Computer Use
(5) Damage to Property
(6) Disciplinary Procedures
(7) Dress
(8) Falsification of Records
(9) Firearms-Fireworks
(10) Gambling
(11) Guests
(12) Harassment and Discrimination
(13) Sexual Harassment
(14) Discriminatory Harassment
(15) Hazing
(16) Human Sexuality
(17) Insubordination
(18) Romantic Relations between employees and students
(19) Serenading
(20) Student Safety
(21) Tobacco
(22) Theft
(23) Unauthorized Entry

e) Student Services Center

i) Career Planning Services

ii) Counseling Services

iii) Testing Services

iv) Health Services

v) Special Services or Disability Services

vi) Health Insurance

vii) Albert J. and Laura Belle Geiger Center for University Life

viii) Policy

ix) Services of the Geiger Center

x) Food Service

xi) Meetings and Facilities

xii) Buildings/Facilities

xiii) OBU Policy for Severe Weather Conditions

xiv) Snow-Day Schedule

3) Residence Hall Information

a) Residence Hall Information And Regulations

b) Residence Hall Information

i) Housing Visiting Hours

ii) Disciplinary Curfew

iii) Overnight Absences

iv) Quiet Hours

v) Appliances

vi) Furniture

vii) Housing Assignments

viii) Room Changes

ix) Privacy

x) Private Rooms

xi) Protection of Personal Property

xii) Public Rooms

xiii) Vacating of Room

xiv) Storage

xv) Fire Precautions

xvi) Accidents/Emergencies

xvii) Illness

xviii) Visitors

xix) Overnight Guests

xx) Guest Rooms

xxi) Laundry Facilities

xxii) Cooking/Preparation of Meals

xxiii) Dress

xxiv) Incense/Incendiary Devices

xxv) Pets

xxvi) Sales in Housing / Solicitors

xxvii) Tobacco Use / Smoking

xxviii) Telephones / Long Distance Calls

xxix) Residential Life Handbook

xxx) Loftbed / Cinderblock Policy

4) Student Activities

a) Student Organizations

b) Student Activities

i) Co-Curricular Activities and Organizations

(1) Anthropology
(2) Art
(3) Business
(4) Communications
(5) Education
(6) English
(7) History and Political Science
(8) Honor Societies
(9) Journalism
(10) Foreign Language
(11) Mathematics
(12) Music
(13) Psychology
(14) Religion and Philosophy
(15) Science, Medicine, and Nursing
(16) Theatre

ii) Interest Group Organizations

iii) Social Clubs

iv) Athletics and Recreation

v) Campus Ministry

(1) Purpose Statement
(2) Mission Statement
(3) Three Primary Environments

c) Traditions

i) Freshman Beanies

ii) Welcome Week

iii) Harvest Festival

iv) Hanging of the Green

5) Motor Vehicle Regulations

a) Introduction

b) Disclaimer

c) Registration

d) Permit Classifications

e) Permits

f) Parking on Campus

g) Restricted Parking Spaces

h) Restricted Parking Lots

i) Regulations Governing Vehicle Operation

j) Appeals

k) Schedule of Fines

l) Campus Bike Policy

6) Student Government Association

a) Officers

b) Committees, Boards and Commissions

c) The Constitution of the SGA

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