Oklahoma Baptist University

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to individuals, both alumni and non-alumni, who have brought honor to the University through their careers and/or life contributions.

RecipientClass Year (if applicable) Year Awarded
Leroy Bond'51 ex1968
Sen. David L. Boren---1977
Dr. Robert L. Cargill'511964
Kenneth V. Eyer*'431982
J. Adrian Gregg*'361968
Robert Henry---1982
Sen. James F. Howell'561982
Dr. James E. Hurley*'97 hon.1985
Dr. William E. Neptune*'501971
Donald G. Osborn'511986
John W. Parrish'89 hon.1974
Lawrence A. Peitz*'94 hon.1990
Frank Seay*'311983
Dr. Eunice Short*'311976
J. Thomas Terry'95 hon.1976

* deceased