Oklahoma Baptist University

OBU Advertising

Concert Appearances
One of the high profile efforts we have recently undertaken is to address audiences at key Christian concerts and events. By doing this, we hope to reinforce the reasons Christian universities like OBU exist and the benefits of vibrant community, spiritual growth, and academic integrity that are alive and well on the OBU campus. Look for us at future concerts throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding area.

Background on the Shine at OBU Theme
In March 2004, OBU ended its theme, "Learn More. Be More." A number of reasons made a new image campaign necessary. As a result, public relations went to work. Many questions began to define and refine our thoughts - What is OBU? Why does a person choose to attend OBU? When students graduate from OBU, are they successful? Why are they successful?      

Our conclusion combines a biblical image of Christian testimony and, at the same time, begins to tell the story that students leave OBU ready for whatever career path they choose to enter. Shine at OBU. That's it. That's the theme. As mentioned it weighs heavy in what Jesus says - Be a city on a hill. Let your light shine. I am the light of the world. It also suggests the truths of our programs - students are enlightened by the classics, we are bringing to light all the sciences, we are lighting the way in education, we have lights of all kinds, we are lighting up the stage, we are preparing men and women to be light.

Shine at OBU. It's easily transferred to talk about any one of our many areas of study. It can also be used in other capacities. In speaking about OBU's history, since 1910, shining bright. In motivating high school students to visit our campus, all the lights are green or turn on your brights. In talking about financial aid, lighten your load.

In creating more than 25 publications for Admissions, many national and regional advertisements, highway billboards, web banners, and even key chain flash lights, the adaptability of Shine at OBU and, at the same time, the ability to maintain consistency has begun in great stride.